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  • Welcome to be INDONG FN family

    • Receiving a 50% discount on the price in case of employee
  • The best welfare is the reward!

    • Telecommunications and food expenses support
      (200,000 won paid monthly)
    • Holiday bonus, family month (May) bonus payment
  • We support for family happiness

    • Family day: Early leaving on Wednesdays and Fridays (16:30)
    • Support for congratulations and condolences
      (support for your own wedding, condolence money)
  • Let's share the joy of the birth of a child

    • Implementation of reduced work hours (working 7 hours per day)
      for female employees who work double-income and are pregnant
    • Payment of childcare allowance of 1.1 million won per month
      for childcare support (separate from annual salary)
    • Payment of congratulatory money for childbirth (10 million won)
  • Morning snack provided

    • Breakfast snacks are provided daily for employees
      who missed breakfast.
  • Free vacation

    • Enjoying annual vacation (10 weekdays)
      during any time of the year the employees choose
    • Payment of summer vacation expense
    • Support of employee discount resort
  • Happy birthday

    • Payment of 1,000,000 won in cash
    • Payment of company gift certificate (300,000 won)
  • Support of taxi fare for night duty

    • Supporting transport expenses in case of night duty
  • Happy on my way to work on Monday

    • A total of 3.6 million won in prize money will be given to
      5 people through Lucky Board application every Monday.