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New contemporary brand 'SISTINA' Yangjae Direct Store Grand Open 2023.10.16
New contemporary brand 'SISTINA'
Yangjae Direct Store Grand Open
SISTINA strengthens contact with consumers by opening its first offline single store

SISTINA, a new contemporary brand of INDONG FN (CEO Jang Ki-kwon)
On Oct. 13, SISTINA's Yangjae Direct Store Grand Open featuring its identity will strengthen its contact with consumers.

SISTINA is a contemporary brand that proposes
a new style that reinterprets classics in a modern way.

It is very popular with the MZ generation at a reasonable price point while developing around outerwear.

SISTINA Yangjae Direct Management Store is SISTINA's first offline exclusive store,

creating a space where you can feel the value of SISTINA with sensuous interior and complete display.

Various promotions are prepared to commemorate the opening. Sistina Signature Closet Perfume will be presented to customers who purchase it,

and 30ml signature perfume will be presented to customers who purchase more than 300,000 won.

SISTINA Signature Perfume, made with three different scents, can be selected according to the customer's taste,

which is expected to provide different fun.

SISTINA's muse Park Ji-won drew attention by visiting the Sistine Yangjae Direct Management Store.
Park Ji-won showed a trendy fashion sense by matching a tweed jacket with a dress and denim.

Park Ji-won, who visited Sistina's Yangjae store, visited the store and tried on the 23FW collection himself or showed his affection for the brand as a Sistina model.

With the additional opening of SISTINA Yangjae Direct Management Store,

it is expected to continue its growth by increasing contact with consumers.