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  • Mind-body training programs

    It builds up confidence.

    Taekwondo classes are sponsored as a physical activity program that can help children develop physical strength and self-esteem. For various reasons such as weakness, introverted personality, bullying by peers, and a sense of isolation, Taekwondo classes under the supervision and protection of the director is a program to help to form a desirable personality along with physical training, and help to increase the confidence that 'I can do it'.

  • Experiential activity program

    It offers a variety of experience activity.

    We provide a variety of experience opportunities so that children can directly
    experience cultural life that is difficult to come into contact with normally.
    In addition to regular visits to the ‘Seoul Arts Center Symphony Festival’, we continue to
    support experiential activities for children such as forest experiences, 63 building tours,
    and winter camps to help shape the character of precious children.

  • Talent improvement program

    It helps you realize the future.

    We strive to discover and nurture values of existence and talents
    of children and teenager by planning and introducing specialized aptitude programs
    necessary for their autonomy and growth.

  • Child meal support program

    It supports children's meals for healthy nutrition.

    In low-income neighborhoods, we work to protect and educate children from dual-income
    families, single-parent families, and grandparent families, whose families are often unstable
    due to economic hardships, so that they are not at risk of skipping a meal and being neglected
    and spend their lives within the boundary of interest, and to provide child meal support services
    to ensure that more children have healthy eating habits and nutrition ingestion.

  • Psychotherapy(play therapy)

    It supports professional programs for psychological stability.

    As a program to help children develop psychological stability and dreams for the future,
    not only health care, but also professional integrated support services such as group activities
    and family participation programs that introduce psychotherapy techniques through
    play are provided. In particular, group activities using games and plays to develop social skills
    and improve self-regulation skills help children understand the organizational culture and
    develop social skills.

  • Sponsorship program

    Sponsorship for families in blind areas of welfare.

    Through the change sharing activities with employees at the head office and distribution center,
    we directly find and select families with children and teenagers in need in the blind spot of
    welfare and whose situation is difficult, and donate a total of 300 million won in cash each year.