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  • Sponsorship

    Sponsorship for families
    in blind areas of welfare

    INDONG FN is interested in families in need of welfare, such as single parents, single mothers, disabilities, boys and girls'
    heads of households, etc, In connection with local governments and social welfare centers, children and youth families
    in need are directly found and selected across the country to provide a total of 300 million won in cash each year.
    We plan to increase the budget for social contribution projects to support children and youth families in need.

  • Women's Welfare

    Women's welfare
    donation project

    We have selected 54 women's welfare institutions across the country, including self-support facilities,
    single mother facilities, and local social welfare centers, and have been steadily providing in-kind clothing every year
    to help women become self-reliant and secure financial resources to promote the welfare of the local community.

  • Donation

    sharing fund

    In order to create a sharing culture that empathizes with employees, we operate a Sharing Fund of the
    change left from salary, in which all employees participate, and visit welfare institutions through voluntary
    employee volunteer activities and conduct talent donation activities.

  • Child Welfare

    Child welfare
    ‘Study Room of Hope’

    In order to protect and educate children from single-parent families in Korea
    who have economic difficulties, INDONG FN has been continuously providing cash to ‘study rooms of hope’ run
    by nuns across the country every month.

  • Scholarship Work

    scholarship project

    In addition to the scholarship support project started with the hope that the children of executives and
    employees will not give up their studies despite economic difficulties and grow into healthy members of society,
    INDONG FN strives to create an environment where employees can work happily by operating Family Day, staggered
    commuting for pregnant women, subsidy for childbirth, allowance for childrearing, and birthday congratulation money.

  • Donation Campaign

    Consumer donation
    ‘True Love Campaign’

    SHESMISS's TRUE LOVE campaign and LIST's Good Bag campaign are part of activities to improve social awareness
    about donations, so that anyone can easily participate in donation activities in everyday life and, when you purchase
    a product from each brand, a portion of the sales proceeds go to donations to ‘Study Room of Hope’ across the country that
    take care of children from single mother families.