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Going beyond a good company to a sincere company,
a company that realizes this, INDONG FN Co., Ltd.

INDONG FN Co., Ltd. complies with the Code of Ethics in order to become a
‘good company with permanence rather than becoming a large company’ and strives to fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

A company that promises to provide rewarding work and vision to its employees,
win-win opportunities to grow together with its partners, and excellent quality at a reasonable price to consumers.

This is the corporate image that INDONG FN dreams and strives for.

Core Management Philosophy

  • Competitive advantage

    Provision of the best products at reasonable
    prices to customers by producing products using
    overseas direct sourcing production lines.

  • Nurturing
    professional talent

    Improvement of low-wage culture, which
    has been chronically pointed out, by maintaining
    the annual salary of new college graduates at the
    top level in the women's wear fashion industry.

  • Happy workplace

    Provides a happy workplace through early
    leaving at 4:30 every Wednesday and Friday and
    Lucky Board application every Monday.

  • Practice of sharing

    Practicing a society where we live together
    through child and female welfare projects,
    support for affiliated family, etc.

  • Growth is the reason
    for existence

    Concentrate on developing and growing excellent
    products with confidence and passion to achieve
    brand and individual development in the midst of
    infinite competition.

  • Best position in the
    same industry

    As a timeless style product that does not
    go out of fashion over time, it provides
    consumers with a sensuous design and
    sustainable products with a high-quality base
    at an innovative price.