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INDONG FN's Directly Operated Factory in Vietnam
(Expected to be completed in 2024)

INDONG FN is preparing to establish its main factory in Hai Duong, Vietnam.
The Hai Duong 1 Factory in Vietnam is expected to feature 10 production lines focused on outerwear, accommodating approximately
1,000 officially registered workers. It aims to provide an optimal work environment and welfare.
INDONG FN is committed to operating its directly managed factory with the objective of "improving quality".
We strive to repay INDONG FN customers with the best products of the highest quality from the ideal production environment.

  • High-Quality Product Development
    at Reasonable Prices

    With the goal of satisfying more customers, all departments,
    including planning, development, and production, cooperate closely
    to produce stable quality at a reasonable price range.
    Based on an optimized infrastructure encompassing global
    direct sourcing, manufacturing, and diversified distribution channels,
    we continuously invest in R&D to offer high-quality products
    at reasonable prices.

  • Customer Feedback-Centered
    Product Development

    Customer feedback plays a crucial role in INDONG FN's
    product development. INDONG FN actively incorporates consumer needs,
    including trends, from the product planning stage by listening to customer
    feedback. We aim for bidirectional communication with customers to
    plan more valuable products. Furthermore, through real-time
    communication with stores that directly deal with customers,
    we are conducting efficient product development.

  • Manufacturing Global Products
    and Raw Material Procurement

    INDONG FN produces all its goods in directly managed factories in Vietnam
    and Southeast Asia. This not only reduces production costs but also
    establishes a stable, quality, integrated, and efficient production system.
    Based on a more systematic process, such as integrated sourcing of
    materials, pre-planning construction, and specialized item development,
    we are laying the groundwork as a company leading global competition.
    We continuously realize upscale production by forming strategic alliances
    with top outsourcing companies of renowned foreign brands and directly
    importing high-quality materials from Italy and Japan.

quality control system

INDONG FN has implemented a cross-product check system to strengthen its quality control inspection system.
In the directly managed Hanoi production factory, local technicians are placed on-site. After strategic inspections there,
the final check is carried out at the headquarters' logistics center. We aim to deliver only the best products that satisfy
customers by re-inspecting and reviewing all products.

  • Plans Tailored to
    a Multi-Channel Distribution Network

    INDONG FN's multi-channel distribution achieves a good balance among
    department stores, distributors, and fashion malls (outlets).
    We are expanding our distribution by leveraging the strengths of
    our global sourcing capabilities. For "IDF Mall," we have established
    our own studio to reflect the brand-specific concepts and set the
    layout in connection with offline stores more accurately.
    We plan online-exclusive products and run exclusive products for each
    distribution channel, catering to the characteristics of each channel
    and meeting customer needs for rational consumption.

  • TOP Women's Brand in Korea due to
    Market Share Expansion

    We are building strong relationships and loyalty with customers
    based on powerful sales in major markets centered around department
    stores and fashion malls. INDONG FN is consistently growing as a
    representative TOP women's wear brand in Korea by expanding
    its distribution in customer-centric markets, including distributors,
    and increasing its market share in each city. Furthermore, we aim to
    enhance customer satisfaction with timeless products as the core,
    supplemented by trendy products that reflect lifestyle.