Child Welfare Program

Training Program for Body & Spirit
This program is to offer Taekwondo lessons that help children who tend to be meek or weak hearted, to improve their self-esteem as well as their physical strength. Taekwondo is a sport that helps children to raise their confidence and establish a can-do attitude while the senior instructor provides education on character development, guiding pupils to form a desirable and upright personality. During the lesson, children who may be introverted, sensitive, or bullied, are safely protected from bullies and can learn how to overcome these problems. 

Free School Meal Program for Pupils
Free School Meal Program aims to ensure healthy diet habits as well as maintain sufficient nutritional intake of children who are from single-parent families, dual-income families or are being raised by grandparents in low-income areas by providing them with free meals and diverse educational programs after school in a safe place. 

Talent Development Program
Specialty and aptitude programs are designed for pupils and adolescents to realize their values and find and develop their talents. It also helps to explore their talents amid safe surroundings where they can exercise their ingenuity while doing homework, exam preparations and study review for their school subjects along with drawing and writing classes. Additionally, special activities and a day program such as new-sports programs, piano lessons, and field trips are organized for children to envision a clear and specific picture for their future career. 

Psychotherapy Program
This is designed to help children to regain their sense of self, so that they can resume searching for their dreams. Specialized and integrated supportive services have been conducted from health care service, outdoor activities, play psychotherapies (group activities) to family participation programs. In particular, children can develop their social skills and self-control abilities throughout various group activities while playing games, and as a result, they become able to understand what organizational culture is and how it works.

Field Activity Program
This to provide children with an opportunity to build experience in an unfamiliar culture and develop lifestyle habits in order to broaden their horizon. The most popular activities, such as viewing 'Symphonic Music Festival' at Seoul Arts Center, field trips to Indong's headquarters, 63 Building, and field studies in nature, are consistently planned and offered to enable children to form good personalities.